A Digital Journey
Through The History
Of Art

A digital journey through the history of art

We present to you the first ever Digital Fine Art Collection by the most prolific art forger of the 20th century, Wolfgang Beltracchi. The artist takes you on a journey through the history of art by recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s alleged Salvator Mundi, channelling the styles of seven masters including Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and more…

“The Greats” is divided into over 30 individual series based on 7 different eras in art history. The collections consist of a total of 4,608 original digital artworks.

Beltracchi: Unadulterated – a criminally beautiful love story

How Helene and Wolfgang Beltracchi fooled the art world: Stefan Gubser and Regula Grauwiller tell this “criminally beautiful love story”. The first staged reading took place at the Tonhalle Zurich on 20 November 2021.

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Psychoanalyst Jeannette Fischer in conversation with the art forgers – book vernissage and dance afterwards


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